Some say having balance within yourself can balance out your life, and some believe certain stones can open the way to harmony.

The seven chakras, mentioned in many spiritual and healing disciplines, are the centers along your spine which energy flows through the body. These seven points are the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown. Each point is linked to a certain set of emotional, physical, and spiritual issues, and it is believed that in crystal therapy, if you “pair certain crystals with chakras in the body, the crystalline structure of gemstones work[s] to amplify your healing intentions and restore and rebalance the energy body by removing blockages” [1]. Going from bottom to top, we will go over the seven main chakras and the stones associated with each of them.

Seven Chakra Points
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The root chakra, also known as the base chakra, is located at the base of spine, near the tailbone area. Its color is red, and it is the chakra closest to the earth and is concerned with survival issues. The gemstones recommended to help cleanse this chakra are red and black ones; including red garnet, red jasper, smoky quartz, hematite, and black onyx. These stones assist in grounding the body and the spirit and help to cleanse unwanted energies.

The sacral, or navel chakra, is located in the lower abdomen, “about two inches below the navel and two inches in” [2]. Associated with the color orange, it is concerned with emotion and represents desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation, and creativity. The gemstones recommended to align it are carnelian, orange calcite, tiger’s eye, and sunstone, which help in relating to their high sense of self, self-nurturing, and balancing energies between physical and emotional health.

The solar plexus chakra is located at the upper abdomen in the stomach area. With its color of yellow, it is “the seat of your emotional life” [3], associated with feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. For the healing of this chakra, it is recommended to use yellow gemstones, such as pyrite, citrine, rutilated quartz, and yellow jasper. These help to balance out the chakra and help one to feel motivate, focused, and confident.

The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest, slightly above the heart. Asians believe it to be the house of the soul, and it is connected to feelings of love, joy, and inner peace. To practice healing the heart chakra, it is recommended to use gemstones which are its associated green color or pink. These include aventurine, chrysoprase, rose quartz, and rhodonite, which help to clear and activate the chakra as well as to understand love.

The throat chakra, located within the throat, has a color of blue or turquoise and is associate with communication, self-expression, and truth. The gemstones recommended for healing this chakra are angelite, sodalite, blue apatite, and aquamarine. It is actually believed angelite is a stone which governs communication and apatite “helps facilitate public speaking skills and enhance communications with groups while opening the throat chakra” [4].

The third eye, or brow chakra, is located at the center of the forehead between the eyes. With the color of indigo, it is associated with intuition, wisdom, and inner vision, connecting to the ability to focus on and see the big picture. The gemstones recommended to assist with healing this chakra include lapis lazuli, iolite, sodalite, and fluorite, all of which open, cleanse, and strengthen mystical insight and psychic awareness.

Finally, the crown chakra, associated with the color violet, is located at the very top of the head. It is concerned with information, understanding, acceptance, and bliss, and it is said to represent the ability to be fully connected spiritually. For the healing of this chakra, it is recommended to use selenite, moonstone, clear quartz, and, especially, amethyst for cleansing the aura and balancing out the physical, emotional, and mental bodies by linking them to the spiritual body.

The stones listed above are only a few of the many gemstones out in the world which are associated with the cleansing and healing of the seven chakras. There are actually some gemstones which are said to be capable of healing more than one chakra depending on what color they are or where they are placed. For more information about chakra points and/or gemstones, see the sites below:

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